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  • I love "The Valley of Vision" and bought a copy for everyone I love. Thanks so much for the quote. :)
    I send apologies for misunderstanding your post. Guess I am too much on the defensive!

    Your posts are a great blessing to me.
    Hi tb,....hope my rooting for you struck a good note :) - we have to realize those unfamiliar with eastern concepts can distort things,...and 'karma' is one of those concepts with different perspectives, often warped by assumptions. I'm still learning, but have held to the older hindu/Buddhist/jainist perspectives....with future articles influenced by theosophic and modern day channelings :) A wonderful balanced view is the 'law of compensation' explained in the James E Padgett messages. Anyways its a wonderful subject. I gather the spiritually perceptive recognize the principle of karma (action) ever at work...even if some aspects are 'mysterious', and a higher law of love/grace can transcend the law of karma, as one walks in the perfect harmony of love.
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