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  • Not bad. And it depends on the period. At present I test out ENFP. :) The E and N are constants and pronouncedly so. The other T/F are close splits and seem to shift over time. I was once a J but now appear to be an equally solid P.
    "You will bear me witness, my friends, that it is exceedingly seldom I ever intrude into the mysteries of the future with regard either to the second advent, the millennial reign, or the first and second resurrection. As often as we come about it in our expositions, we do not turn aside from the point, but if guilty at all on this point, it is rather in being too silent than saying too much."

    Src: Spurgeon, "The First Resurrection," 7:345.

    In general, as my rep indicated, I tend to shut my mouth when God shuts His. ;)
    Hope you're feeling well. I took about a month off to get away from trolls and nonsense and clear my head, take care of a few irons. Things appear to be looking up around here, though Eeset is still being a needless pest for the time being.

    But all things considered it still beats Cleveland (as do the majority of NFL teams). :eek:
    Hey there Ktoyou,
    Sorry to hear about your health :( Hope things get better. Nice to see you around still tho, take care :)
    He might know about your background. Sometimes I feel like punching him in the nose! Thanks for the rep. Hope you're doing alright.
    Sounds like a good way to rest and enjoy yourself at the same time. :) I have a large block of recorded film and there's always TCM. Though I should occupy myself with writing tomorrow, Jack being lost to me for a half day. I'm happy for both of us, though I'll miss him. Time to hit the gym for a couple of hours, write for a couple and still have time to get lunch ready by the time his mother brings him home. :)
    Purely playing where AB is concerned. Horsing around. :)

    Else, one of these days, when I'm in a less monastic turn, to be sure. Mobile is my second home town, or third, depending on my mood. :)
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