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  • BTW - I requested they provide me a list of the extant texts used for this translation. My initial exposure of the actual text did not seem especially compelling - the Mt27 text.
    Thanks re Aramaic - I actually am semi-fluent with a lot of hard work in NT Greek - so i am good with that. But if I run into it sometime - I will follow up.
    KP - I am backing out of TOL. However, I wanted to follow up on this briefly.

    If I understand right then - there are really two Jesus' - one is the eternal created spirit being - and one is the human born man. At baptism - the spirit being incarnates in the man - nonetheless, I assume each personality remains intact.

    Thus when we see Jesus referenced in scripture - there are are actually two persons - the spirit being and the man - in the one body. Despite scripture only referring to a single person of Jesus - you are asserting there are two persons - one divine and one human - and neither of them God.

    Can you please confirm that I am correctly understanding?

    Perhaps I could follow up on one post to clarify - I am not sure if I did.

    You observe that at one point there was

    1. God the Father, the Creator of all (a personal entity)

    2. The Christ-Spirit/the Power of God created by God perhaps first and assisted in the creation - and a personal entity?

    3. The spirit of God - not a personal entity

    4. The man Christ Jesus - capable of fully independently functioning prior to anointing with the Christ Spirit - and a personal entity?

    Do I have that right?
    Hi Keypurr, I just found out I could respond back by clicking on the "view conversation" link and have this sent to your page. For a while there I was not able to respond to any messages, (when I did not have enough posts logged) but I did respond to your message; only it went onto my profile page, (and I now understand it would not have appeared on your page so you might not even know I had responded unless you went back to my page). Anyways, I guess old dogs still do learn new tricks once in a while. Talk to you soon, God willing. :)
    My reply:

    closing your eyes from evil deeds is not love, friend. It is called enabler of evil deeds.
    You want me fight your battles sis?
    I have in the past, and I have not changed.
    Your not the only one going through something Sis.
    You hardly posting anything else but trinity arguments. You used that thread to gain back your popularity to avoid persecution.

    I know your comment was very vague but your intention was showing clearly. Take a look at title. It was about me supporting the Muslim and you did not say anything about it.

    You need to get rid of your pretentiousness, friend.
    It is clear to me that you are only working for your own ego.

    Try to be true to Jesus.

    good day.
    that thread was about me supporting Muslim. Why do you ignore simple fact?

    You did not notice the hate comment of TL?

    You are amazing.
    I have read it. You did not openly disagree with my position of anti-military.
    Yet, you dismissed the fact that TL lied about my faith.

    You should not even being in that thread. It was plain hate thread. You don't have Jesus' spirit, friend. You are devoting to argue about doctrine of trinity. You need to devote to understand and practice what He commands.
    Originally Posted by keypurr View Post
    How does any one know how God enforces his plan?

    I wonder if millions of Jewish died in WWE to allow the Jews back into the Holy lands.

    my reply:

    I cannot believe you are going along with this trashy thread.

    Christianity is much, much more than arguing about doctrine of trinity.

    It seems that you don't know Jesus because you don't seem to honor Jesus' word.

    Most of this site members know very well that I am anti-military and anti-violent.

    So it is blatant lie to spread this kind of trashy thread.

    I don't support anyone or country who engage in the war, including Muslims. Muslims are militant as well as the rest of militant countries.

    Jesus says to love your enemy. Joining the military is not of Jesus for Jesus' followers.
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