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  • Not sure - I have a lot of other priorities - and the quality of input here is pretty light-weight.
    Hi Aner,....are u ever coming back? I'm continuing some Christology explorations with keypurr...........
    I value my commentaries because they are well informed and provide seekers resources to PROVE particulars, this is important for one's own enlightenment. While there are goofs, trolls and buffoons abroad,....hold your head high. If you want to discuss things, you can correspond with more serious posters,...just dialogue with them, ignore the brutes.
    Yes, I carry on our last dialogue from your other thread here (see In the last quote box...I ASK you to answer your own 2 questions. Read carefully :) - also enjoy my last post on 1 Tim. 3:16 here
    Thanks - yeah - it is pretty silly here - so I don't spend much time except on occasion hoping someone will hear.
    I will miss you friend. I value your posts. They were running to hide that is why they closed your threads. Truth scares them.
    Aner, I invite you to study it and correct me if I am wrong.
    I purchase the ARAMAIC ENGLISH NEW TESTAMENT and it really brings it out clearer than the Greek translations. I got it about three months ago and I think every one interested in theology should have it. Go see it at:
    Yes, that is what I see.
    I have been sharing this for over three years now. It was given to me as I was studying about the Morning stars. I really felt that God was leading me to this. At first I thought it was a crazy thought, but then I realized that the express (exact) image of God, who is a spirit, would be a spirit. The true son in Heb 1 is a spirit, not a man. He became flesh (a man) many years later.
    Well, there you go,...your 'The Man Christ Jesus' thread was closed down by Sherman :rolleyes: - if u could still answer my questions posed to you there, that would be a hoot.
    Hi aner,...i'll add more to your 'the man Christ Jesus' thread soon :) its always a fun one eh? - orthodox Trinitarians do confess in the 100% humanity of Jesus however. - well, u know what is 'compounded' onto or 'into' that already ;)
    Hi Aner :) - yes....Pierac shares some informative stuff, and wasnt aware of his recent banning. We agree on some points as I'm quite spiritually versatile on many subjects, especially the whole unitarian/trinitarian debate. You cant put 'God' in a 'box' ;) - dont know his personal contact info beyond what could be found in his profile. I'll check his recent posts and urs to see if I can add anything to the mix, even though some of the typical 'orthodox' assumptions get old after awhile....one can always put a new 'twist' on things. Namaste!
    I understand re: the ideology - however, I was thinking a little more of the personal/social/general intellectual development side of things.

    I know that Mom's don't always seem to be quite so open to ideological reflection....
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