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  • And yet you make rude comments to me all the time. But you do it behind your badge so you justify yourself. Ironic no?
    You are what you accuse.
    I removed the rude visitor messages. Your profile is no place to be leaving comments like that.
    You found value here?

    I'm shocked!

    Yes, they know that they are biased... it's in their rules. They don't have to make sense or be consistent... it's the way they roll.

    I've been praying that things change, and it has been bit by bit.

    Someone has adopted your word "Scubula" (I think it is spelled.) I started noticing after I was sorry I hadn't posted on your blogs. Forgive me. Good to see you.

    God bless you.
    Is it just me or are there a lot of pointlessly angry people around here? And if it's just me, can I vote myself out? :think: I like your friends list, by the way.
    I know friend, but I was wrong. Stressful time for me right now. But I should not be a cranky person.
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