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    ECT Melchizedek and M.A.D.

    So what they, the MAD community ignores is OT prophecy saying that Jesus would be establishing a church after the order of Melchizedek. What do we know of Mel? He existed before a Jew ever walked the earth. he existed before any Jewish law was ever written. In His church He mediated to God...
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    moderator malfeasance

    Dearest Delmar, I understand you have foul reactions to the topic of homosexuality. That is no reason to use your authority as a bully tactic. Your brother, ONE EYED JACK, had made a libelous, in accurate, unsubstantiated proclamation of my person. OR IN OTHER WORDS NAME CALLING, just in...
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    Just wanted your attention. This will be addressed to only particular people, and they will know who they are. The rest of you will know the type of people it's addressed to. Why do you come to a discussion board, and then behave as if everyone was supposed to agree with you, pat your back...