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  • :) :surf: im doing more research into early Church history and the NT canonization process. What grates me is the ignorance out there on the subject...like how the gospels were chosen and why others didnt make the cut, etc. Too many prefer blind faith over intelligent research choosing emotional comfort over truth. If you'd like to join in that discussion....feel free here. Note the last comment by journey. Typical example.
    Hi bud :) thanks.....I do ride a somewhat agnostic-skeptical edge at times....but still hold romantically as a more liberal eclectic mystic traveller :) while I have intimate love and association with the Christian religious tradition, I recognize its pagan universal memes and archetypes, and have no problem from a mythicist perspective.
    How you and Buzzword could associate in any way with these creatures is beyond me

    Just addressing the ignorance, with some proper data. I know, it may seem like trying to teach algebra to baboons....but hey,...you know how we keepers of the flame are :) - nice jabs,....sometimes I get close to saying something like "shove it", but usually edit my posts. I have my moments though ;)
    Hello hedshaker, why not give 'faith' a chance? Just reminiscing on the ' things that make u go hmmmm' thread. Did u read my post there? I may take on another question of tinark's for fun :) u also might recall my old thread on NDE's and the afterlife? I'm a spiritualist at heart but keep some healthy skepticism and even agnostic perspectives on some points. All is energy and consciousness. Hope ur having fun with the muses ;) I enjoy some hemisync meditation music while reading/writing from the Monroe institute. Let the music play :)
    Raining on their parade

    Someone's gotta do it ;) - while I'm usually engaged in more serious studies and respectful dialogue,....if one is make it a merry-go-round might as well 'innovate' and creatively respond, up to a certain exhaustion point. The tricky part is deciding when to stop it, instead of being carried away into same 'carnival-antics' as the other person. Either way,...you "enter the ring" so to speak.
    Well the evidence of Cat Stevens talent is undeniable. He is one of the most emotionally powerful artists of his era. And that is for me where music is gauged. In its ability to address human emotion.
    Hey Hedshaker,

    It's been a while. I am going to post to you a bit on my Creation's thread. Hope that ALL is going fine!!
    Saw your video of Cavatina. I liked it very much. I can't hear that song that I don't think of Deer Hunter. That movie affected me profoundly.
    I'm sorry Hedshaker. How are you doing lately?? How are your family and friends doing? I just got so excited when I saw that you were on the board here, that I thought I'd give out a holler. Ciao!
    I'm sorry! How are you?? How are your family and friends doing? I just got too excited and forgot to ask. Forgive me!
    Hi Hedshaker,
    Haven't heard from you in so long. Of course I miss you! Remember how we used to butt heads?? It's not been the same without you.
    God Bless Your Heart
    Ah, I've got it now. This window didn't appear previously. I think the threshold may have been 50 posts. Yes, I understood that you were being ironic in that post. I thought it amusing, lol.
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