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  • i'd like to be an employee of GM ! ! good day sir -

    hello GM, i was off tol for a month or so - what happened ? you went blue and lost nearly 17000 posts ?
    Hi GM! So sweet of you to say that!
    We contribute what we can, when we can.
    Just like you!
    Hi GM, Unfortunately if you have lost something on your lap top that would seem to be a glitch in your mechanicals? I do not know enough about this stuff to truly analyze it. Sherman is on vacation so either Ebenz or Knight might have an answer for you.
    Hi GM, thanks for the response. I too am very fond of Heir. She is a voice of reason and courtesy. I like you too!
    Regarding your Wood Shed report of Totton: She is free to express her opinions just as you are free. Sometimes our opinions don't sit so well with others but!!! So long as there is no vulgarity or blasphemy TOL encourages lively debate.
    Hey GM, would you be interested in contributing to the TOL Interview thread? I haven't put anyone new in it in a long while. I can shoot you the questions. Harmless things, but I've always thought it was good for the joint and Knight and a number of people chimed in before I stopped doing it a while back.
    Hey GM, i want you to know i was totally kidding when i sent a VM to freelight saying - "you may convert GM before it's all said and done" - you should know my sarcasm by now - God Bless you and yours brother ! ! ! -
    Get a life GM. Its time to move along.........not playing your childish little games. I've got far more important matters to attend. Go stalk someone else.
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