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  • Keeping that ID clean? better keep track of that artificial life preserver.
    Way to go G.M.!! You dropped me Minus a Thousand in 2 days on the Same Thread. -- It's Nice that You have 236,000 points!! -- YOU ARE a R-E-A-L (((( "P-H-O-N-Y" )))) "Christian"!!!!!!!!!!!

    PAUL, DAVID -- 090915 / 10:34pm
    Hi GM! Everything is good. We're racing to get the rest of summer in before school starts back up again. I hope you are well. :)
    hi GM,...notice all the reps recently? Just go the TRS page and do reps according to AMR's instructions....opening up windows for each member,....makes it easier to give out reps. Easy once you get the system down....then you just quit after you've given out the max # of reps allowed for that day. Then you start over in a few days.
    Hi GM,...I'm ever busy repping friends and people who rep me,....as I've ever done that in 'free-lance' fashion,...and not quite understanding AMR's 'system' in the TRS club. Do u understand the math? - thanks
    thank you gm. i figured out, so far your rep is worth 1 point for every 100. so my rep if 2600 would add 26 points to whoever i rep. get it ? - so when you get to 2000 rep power, you will give 20 points to each member you rep -
    The longer it goes on the funnier it gets...even funnier because for a few minutes I was irate about it...then I thought, if anyone wants something I haven't paid that much attention to in ages and that won't add a dollar to my pocket or a day to my life why, again, do I care?

    :think: :rotfl:

    Sometimes the funniest thing we can do is look in a mirror.
    You called me a gnostic without proof-- stay away form messaging me, dork-- or I will "blaspheme" your Jesus images again.
    How are you doing, Grosnick?! Thought I'd see what you were up to. I will give you good rep pts, whenever I can. It's too bad all of the others got dissolved. Eeeeekkk! I want to give IMJerusha some good rep pts. also. And bybee too. So many and so little time!! God Bless You Tons, GM!!!
    Yeah, I'll check that out about PPS. Maybe I should take GT off my ignore list, too....seems she needs a bit more "attention". :chuckle:
    I went ahead and put a question in the "For Sincere Inquisitors Only: MAD explained" thread.
    Since that thread is a little more restricted than most other threads, I decided to use it.
    Why have you started all this provocation and accusation again, along with neg reps? You've already done this, and then lied and said you wouldn't do it any more. All you have to do is ignore me and not start this juvenile garbage. I don't ever initiate anything with you. I only respond. Why not just leave it alone. I have no need to interact with you. Just let it go, Grossy.
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