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  • Yes, but when you consider that SOD's post count contains an average of eight words and yours around 427 therein lies the explanation one would posit....

    Good. :)

    Been one of them up and down days here...I haven't yet but I'm going to get my friend to download it tomorrow.
    I saw the pic in your PM. Bizarre that it doesn't show up on chrome though....never had that problem with it before where it comes to avatars....

    Be honest. You deliberately chose a pic to mess with our minds....:eek:
    It's not a loss of life. That was my point. It was the belief in the resurrection accompanied by a visitation from a heavenly being that gave the martyrs the courage to lay down their lives. If you were about to be mugged and at that moment God visited you, you would not worry about the the thhings you mention. You would have the much peace and assurance that your loved onees will be okay.
    I recall the stuff with BB...maybe you're right though I'm still surprised though....totally unnecessary and practically asking for the ban.
    Ah, I've still not seen 'The Adjustment Bureau' for some inexplicable reason so thanks for reminding :D Yep, there's a load of films based on Dick, and usually his short stories (which I prefer to the novels overall even if some are quite clinical) Funnily enough I used to read a fair bit of Alistair Maclean & Desmond Bagley if you've read at all?
    I suspect so also....:plain:

    'Eeeee by gum' etc (to coin an antiquated phrase, deservedly vanquished in modern day parlance)

    Yes we do but that's because it's a thanksgiving dinner for having him catapulted off the premises....


    Nah, I don't mind warm weather but I've always preferred rainy weather - which is probably just as well considering I live in good ole 'Blighty'.....:eek:

    And that wasn't me. That was cousin Cedric in a rare moment of appearing relatively lucid....

    Well there's pros and cons I guess. I used to get up at 5am each weekday morn for work which was bad enough but I finished early afternoon as well. Sorry to hear about washer. Hope it's not an expensive ob dude....
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