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  • Hi John,...ur recent message here didn't get to me, you forget to hit 'View Conversation' and then post your response to me, so I could get ur message on my profile page :) We're good now, since we chatted on FB messenger, and u alerted me of this thread. Thanks,......
    Hi Paul,
    Haven't been here in years but this question about Isaiah 11:6 is mind blowing. I KNOW that used to be lion and lamb, not wolf and lamb - and lying down, not dwelling.

    Check this out if you have the time....

    It is the new release of the Portuguese language version of the Nisargadatta book "Nothing Is Everything" and the song featured full length was written be me and I am vocals and guitar on it. I am so honored! :)

    I even get a credit at the end of the video!! :)

    Why did you send me a private message titled, "You pathetic piece of crap"?
    You got a red hot thread there! :chuckle:

    Listen - I remember you saying something about how you liked Kylie's "Fever" album? Well, up till recently I only really listened to about half of it because the other half didn't appeal at first. Now, however, I am LOVING it all. Do you have the album? The track "Your Love"...:cloud9:
    Kylie seriously is a great artist, I think.
    Hi Paul, I don't think it is likely she attained her ascension, no. I do think her service was one of astonishing value to the consciousness of this planet however... and that lifestream will no doubt be experiencing a very joyous atmosphere at this time.
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