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toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?

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  • toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?

    The TOPIC OF THE DAY for April 15th, 2013 08:45 AM

    toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?

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    there are no other websites


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      Originally posted by Knight View Post
      The TOPIC OF THE DAY for April 15th, 2013 08:45 AM

      toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?
      I do visit a private game one for Christians just to relax and have fellowship. I use Facebook, Twitter and Google. I use those to promote sites that I like--I do promote TOL on those. I visit another one that is sort of the Christian newspaper because I am a mod on that one and my job is to keep it clear of spammers. TOL, though is the site that I spend most of my time on.

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        Youtube, Skypscraper (The Iraqi section), I'm Shi'ite Forum (Islamic forum) ....


        my email also ?
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          Where is the evidence for a global flood?
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            Originally posted by resurrected View Post
            there are no other websites
            Don't forget the apple...

            TOL is probably my most visited site besides google...

            Then there's always facebook if you want to make yourself miserable.
            Youtube, naturally.

            *checks history*

            Thefreedictionary, so I can check whether the English words I use on this site are actually words since it tells me they are not.

            IMDB to see when the next episode of a series I'm watching comes out or a film release.

            Biblegateway if my kindle is dead.


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              Oh man, several.


              If you visit them you'll pretty much figure out why I visit them.
              I'm not a sinner, or preacher, all I have is slight of hand.


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                toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?

                A select number...

                Charles Spurgeon's "Treasury of David"
                A great resource for the book of Psalms

                For the NHM Chaplaincy
                Home base for our nursing home ministry

                Nursing home ministry materials and songbooks
                Since 1973 providing nursing home ministry the resources to ministry to aged and infirm.

                Green or Natural Burial
                I believe this is the best and inexpensive way for burial that can be done and still honor those who die, and it's natural.

                Automobile racing from the past
                It's a great site for remembering when, a really fun place for old armchair racers.

                One of the oldest automobile racing clubs in Colorado ~ CARC
                Since 1946 CARC has brought some of the best stock car and modified racing to Metro Denver, and still does at Colorado National Speedway.
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                  google news
                  google image
                  american thinker
                  weather sites
                  bloomberg energy
                  movie sites
                  hobbyist sites
                  used to be a couple other discussion sites, but they folded
                  job search sites
                  career development sites
                  probably a couple hundred others on my favorites


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                    Originally posted by Knight View Post
                    The TOPIC OF THE DAY for April 15th, 2013 08:45 AM

                    toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?

                    The Puritan Board
                    Reformed Theology Institute
                    Christian Forums (world's largest site for the topic)
                    FFF (when it is working...sigh)
           (web version of my Logos software)
           (NASB or ESV very fast Bible search)
           (theological journals)

                    Theologial Blogs:
                    (received via my Outlook RSS feed reader)

                    Albert Mohler
                    Beggars All: Reformation And Apologetics
                    Better Bibles Blog
                    Between The Times
                    Bible Design and Binding
                    Bible Researcher
                    Blog and Mablog D. Wilson
                    Challies Dot Com
                    Daniel B. Wallace
                    Dominic Bnonn Tennant
                    Evangelical Textual Criticism
                    Exiled Preacher
                    Grace to You Blog
                    Green Baggins
                    Helm's Deep
                    Highlands Ministries Online
                    James Durham Thesis
                    Jared Moore
                    Joel Beeke
                    Ligonier Ministries Blog
                    Logos Talk
                    Meet The Puritans
                    Pros Apologian
                    R. Scott Clark
                    Reformation21 Blog
                    Reformed Forum
                    Reformed Musings
                    Reformed Presbyterian Veritas
                    Reformed Reader
                    The Aquila Report
                    The Heidelblog
                    The Prosblogion
                    The Theologian
                    The View From Village
                    This Day in Presbyterian HistoryThis Day in Presbyterian History
                    Turretin Fan
                    Valiant for Truth Blog
                    White Horse Inn
                    WORDsearch Bible

                    Why? - is it not obvious


                    Slashdot (feeding my inner geek)
           (personalized news page)
                    CEO Express (personalized pages for us high power executives)

                    Why? These are the best services for the daily news on topics that interest me.

                    § Shopping:

                    JR Cigars
                    Cigar Dojo (Knight's very own site!)

                    Why? Trusted and proven

                    § Paying the bills:

                    Google Patents
                    Pattools (for my customized patent analysis templates)
                    Blekko (grep the web!!!)
                    AcclaimIP (my main patent research tool)
                    USPTO Pair Portal
           (shhh! must have privacy when snooping patent infringement)
                    LinkedIN (business networking for grownups)
                    IEEE Explore
                    PACER (court documents)FOSS Patents BlogGoogle Scholar

                    My family likes a roof over their heads and food on the table

                    § Randomata:

                    Amazon Prime Video
                    TheLatinLibrary (I translate ecclesiastical Latin and Greek docs)
                    MedScape (feeding my childhood doctor-wannabe urges)

                    Why? All work and no play.....

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                      Hulu - for teh free tv

             - for the latest One Piece episodes

                      Facebook - for keeping in touch with friends

             - for classes + email

             - to see whats potentially worth watching

             - for teh chess

             - for directions

             - shopping

                      and then of course the various websites I visit each month for paying bills
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                        Originally posted by Knight View Post
                        toldailytopic: Besides TOL what other websites do you frequent and why?
                        There are other websites?

                        I frequent Facebook (to play games and keep up with my family and friends), my bank's website (obvious reasons), my e-mail (obvious reasons), and a few recipe sites to get new recipes.
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                          I play games on pogo, facebook for family and friends, and I check out news and sports.

                          oh yeah, and my yahoo email.


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                            Facebook, talkbass forums, forums, google, youtube, once in a while.
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                              WARNING: Graphic video here.