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  • AMR No Longer With Us

    I haven't seen a thread about this recently, so I will post one here. I only learned this earlier this week, but Ask Mr. Religion passed into eternity on March 4th. He leaves behind a wife who is suffering with serious health issues and a son who I believe is her sole support. AMR had been going through some difficult times (that some or many here may already be aware of) so please keep his family in your prayers.
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    Isaiah 50:10-11

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    I will keep his family in my prayers. He was a good man.
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      ​He was a very good man and I was aware he had some serious health concerns. I am so sorry to hear this.


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        AMR was a dear sweet brother. He is in a far better place, but will be missed.


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          He was a rock - i'm sorry to hear he's moved on to his final reward and will keep his family in my prayers

          he will be missed for his contributions to the discussion here


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            I miss him.


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              AMR and I had a nice time on the short-lived Art of Smack forum.

              He was a sound, sensible guy and would have made a great IRL friend.

              I remember his words showed how much he cared for his wife. I hope she can be cared for with him gone.

              Frustrating knowing such good people and not being able to help.

              So sad.

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                Praying. Nothing but good memories of him. Precious in The Eyes of The Lord are the death of His saints.
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                  This is just such sad news. AMR was absolutely one of my favorite TOLers. He was always reasonable and knowledgeable in his posts and debates and never was nasty or condescending. Praying to his family.
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                    He was one of my first and best friends here over the years. When he was flush he'd send me theological volumes and always took time to speak with me about any number of things, offering wise counsel. Of late he had suffered financial setbacks that led to his house being foreclosed on and the last time I heard from him he was about to move out.

                    I assumed the silence that followed was him settling affairs and that I would hear from him, either here, at the other place, or by email. Patrick and I exchanged those too over the years.

                    He was a Vietnam veteran, a brilliant man, and a kind soul. I am sorry beyond words to learn of his passing and my prayers are with his wife and son.
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                      This news comes as a great shock and I am greatly concerned for the wife and son.

                      Does anyone know their circumstances?
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                        Originally posted by Nang View Post
                        This news comes as a great shock and I am greatly concerned for the wife and son.

                        Does anyone know their circumstances?
                        I don't. I'd talked with Patrick and I knew he was supposed to move from his home the day after I learned that he'd died. I've never had any contact with them. I know she had mental and physical problems that, coupled with the general economic downturn, led to his financial ruin. He'd made arrangements for their relocation. I suppose the son is handling things now, but I haven't seen anything on his FB post from other members of the family and, as I said, my contact with Patrick was either here, at the new place, or via personal email.

                        I knew something was wrong when they all stopped, but I'd hoped it was only a part of the move. In a way, I guess it was.
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                          I'm deeply saddened, a bit comforted by this news. I knew his health was bad but am saddened to see my brother's passing. He was and is, a wonderful brother, was my theologian mentor and confidant and my biggest encouragement here and on RTI. I will miss him greatly but am happy that tears and sorry, sickness and sadness are wiped away and a bit jealous of his preceding me there. 1 John 3:2
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                            It is with great sadness that I read this news. He was a good and decent man, and will be missed by many. I'm sure our Savior greeted him with open arms.
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                              Originally posted by Nang View Post
                              This news comes as a great shock and I am greatly concerned for the wife and son.

                              Does anyone know their circumstances?

                              They are now with other family members and are now in good hands.