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Why Evolution is real science - let's settle this "debate"!


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I have created this thread for the single purpose of settling the long-running discussions about the veracity of evolution in the scientific sense (yeah, very ambitious, I know).

I would like to keep this thread as concise as possible by providing a summary for all the arguments from both sides that I will be keeping up-to-date in the first few posts.

The purpose here is solely to talk about science - not about faith, philosophy, theology or ethics or anything else unrelated.

Any feedback is appreciated and I'll try to adjust accordingly.


BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION is an established scientific fact. It explains every observation concerning biodiversity on our planet and is not contradicted by anything in the natural world.

Acceptance of evolution and belief in God are NOT mutually exclusive!


Gradual change over time

Biological evolution:
Evolution of populations of living organisms.
Commonly known as: "descent with modifications"
Formally known as: "changing of allele frequencies across generations"

Scientific method:
The process of systematic investigation of the properties and behaviour of any system by empirical means and inductive inference, which improves its own conclusions by repeated validation of predictions and deductive hypotheses.
a.k.a "methodological naturalism"
Formally: Ask a question --> design experiment/observation --> analyse data and draw tentative conclusion --> critically evaluate the conclusion by asking deeper questions and attempting to falsify the conclusion

Scientific theory:
A comprehensive body of knowledge corresponding to the current consensus about a particular scientific subject. A theory is comprised of all relevant facts, laws and explanations. A scientific theory is the highest degree of confidence available for any field of study.


  • Be polite!
  • Stay on point
  • Address every argument and explain your position
  • Don't assume that others know what you mean - provide references
  • Keep an open mind
  • Enjoy!

In order to guarantee a fair discussion and that everyone is on the same page here, I'd like to ask all of you to be patient and first let's establish a consensus regarding the format that I have proposed before we delve into the actual conversation.
So please, don't start arguing just yet, I'll announce in due course when the preparations are complete. Right now, I'd like to ask for feedback on what you think about this idea and the current setup.

I propose the following order:

STEP 1: Agree on terms

STEP 2: Agree on initial positions

STEP 3: fight!
If indeed Darwin's evolutionary theory is scientific fact and can actually be explained precisely then it shouldn't be a problem for you to prove how random mutation and natural selection can be done in the laboratory

How about you take 100 tadpoles and randomly mutate them and naturally select them and turn them into kittens?

I realize that'll take a few generations but since you know how to do all this and how it all works you should be able to mutate them specifically and scientifically select them to turn them into kittens

I'm 68 years old so please prove how scientific Darwinism is soon