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Making people pay more to heat their homes in Atlantic Canada isn’t going to stop wildfires in Alberta, or for that matter in Atlantic Canada.

Subsidizing electric vehicle battery plants in Ontario isn’t going to stop flooding in British Columbia.

This is the logical fallacy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government engage in when they link their carbon pricing regime and massive subsidies for so-called clean technology to addressing climate change.

There’s no link. The emperor has no clothes.

Canada could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero tomorrow and it would have no effect on the weather in Canada.

Rarely is this mentioned.


ok doser

lifeguard at the cement pond

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"Canada didn’t have racial guilt as a founding myth"

Not sure that's true. Their treatment of indigenous peoples is identical to that of our country especially in the colonial period when there was no significant difference.
we keep native Indians on reserves and on welfare , drunk\high and stupid ,it's criminal
fetal alcohol syndrome is rampant but to get more welfare they have more kids