Uh oh, Australia :(


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wow 😲 link to video

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no warrant entry
8pm curfew
$1652. for being out without a reason
$200 for no mask
3 mile limit
Democrats and leftists see no problem with forcing whole nations to conform to leftist democrat ideology. Jailing parents for not wearing masks and refusing to allow Americans to buy or sell until they get vaccinated are not just Nazi ideas, they are satanic ideas.

way 2 go

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This doesn't bother me in the least. All a person needs to do is take quercetin, vitamin d, and zinc and that will lower your risk of getting really sick to basically 0. Going to the hospital with the coronavirus is going to where people die from the virus as they will not do anything other than blow out your lungs with a ventilator.
bothers me only because it's evil .