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Come in. Some of you will be finding this via the breadcrumb link left in Observations. It's natural to wonder if this is going to be the same thread under a new address. I hope not. What I mean is that I have a somewhat different vision for this one.

Welcome to Quixote's.
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Town Quixote's

To the new adventure :thumb:

To success :e4e:

To a large readership :geek:

To spirited participation :BRAVO:

To Town Heretic ... Congratulations :cheers:



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I left a double batch of molasses cookies on the buffet table. Are they all gone already?

yes they are :(. zoo needed something to wash down the taste of that Shasta.

i can really see this thread taking off and inspiring Town actually to opening a real life Town Quixote's one day. im serious.


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Where are the windmills? :sherlock:


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Wednesday Morning Gazette :singer:

Looked in on the Exercises in Futility thread...
Exercises in futility: expecting

AMR without references.

AB with a reasonable avatar.

TomO to swear off hand guns or cannoli.

Sozo to turn his own cheek.

Kmo to show up for Favre's HOF speech.

Zippy to enter a Southern Baptist seminary.

Noted, in the "Who's the Smartest Theologian" thread, after it seemed to take an every man for himself position in a literal fashion...
Does anyone ever vote for the guy who nominates himself for anything?

File this under philosophy…
...But it takes two to tango. That means more than one.
You know what else takes two? A mugging.

And today's thought for potential discussion:

“The liar's punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.” ― George Bernard Shaw

About Town: several threads are going on with humorous and interesting discussion at the moment.

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And, of course, I still have the one sentence movie reviews going on here, if you feel like holding forth on a recent release, either at the theater or on dvd:

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If you notice a thread you think might interest everyone feel free to nudge me with it or put it up on the bulletin board here next to the pretzels.