TOL-a-THON 2007

Nathon Detroit

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Please welcome my favorite band of all time.....


The Electric Light Orchestra. (the song they are singing really signifies the TOL-a-THON!)

Mr. Blue Sky

For you ELO fanatics, you may notice this isn't really the entire ELO band but hey, it's got Geoff Lynne and its a great recording so what else do ya need?

Nathon Detroit

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That's it folks the TOL-a-THON is over! (at least the donating part is over)

Thanks to Nick and Aimiel we will be able to have several more musical guests today. :D

We are going to leave the donations section open until Sunday so if you want to give more you can, and we have decided that we will spend all the extra money raised on Google advertising to help attract some new members and debate opponents! :up:

We want to thank EVERYONE who donated!

TheologyOnline has done a lot over the past 10 years and we have NO plans of going away. We will continue to fight for the unborn WITHOUT COMPROMISE, we will continue to spread truth throughout the internet, convincing, rebuking, exhorting, with all longsuffering and teaching! And we will continue to provide a first class internet community that is addicting and entertaining.

Again.... thank you everyone and God bless you.


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God is SOOOOO Good!!! Thank God for everyone who participates on TOL, and especially for people like Nick M, who are able to go beyond just what is necessary. Glory to God!!! Way to go, people, now keep giving, and watch TOL turn into a sensation, imitated by many, but copied by none. Thank you to Knight, for his vision and perseverance. Thank you: EVERYONE. Good job. PayPal is still open. Let's keep raising the bar.


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So he's a bit older here... but he still has a great voice....

Please help me welcome ol' blue eyes....