Those who are falsely accused


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Unfortunately, on the internet, being falsely accused leaves a person more vulnerable than would be the case face to face. Face to face, we could simply smack the person and make them retract what they'd said. :chuckle:

Not so in the cyber world.

There is such a thing as over-sight, but when there is none, the results are never good.

I found several things in this article worth considering that relates to what we see on a forum such as this or in life itself, for that matter. Being aware that there are mitigating circumstances could make a difference no matter which side of the fence you were standing on.

Being publically accused of a crime one did not commit could lead a person to jump off a bridge.

No, I'm not saying anyone is jumping off any bridges, so before YOU jump, just remember it's only an analogy. Take a chill pill and read the article.

It is widely known that people with certain kinds of pathology are brilliant at looking like victims when they are actually perpetrators. They can ruin the life of an innocent person. You can see this on Law and Order, learn it in Psych 101 or know it instinctively.

When you hear a story, consider the narrator. Who is this person? Why is she telling this story when she is?

I can't help but think of how Trump feels with over two years of false accusations being flung at him. I can understand the outrage. Righteous indignation....justifiable indignation. Those are not bad things. In fact, this world would be a very sad place without them.


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Thanks to @ Town Heretic, we have a perfect example right here.

A long time poster believed he was being falsely accused (by a long time foe), and reacted with JUSTIFIED INDIGNATION.
Who wouldn't be indignant when a felony case was made out of a casual stroll through the park?

There is a middle ground, as Town correctly points out.

But there was a middle ground in all of this. A short benching for violating rules that wouldn't have been violated but for an unwarranted benching to begin with. Everyone loses a little and the site wins.

Easy peasy. Or it could be.

I am a long time poster on this site, and God forbid, the right to speak up should be denied to me when others are speaking up so boldly on this case.

PS Saying God forbid is not taking the Lord's name in vain. Just in case anyone wants to make a felony case out of my use of the term.​


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It can be called a smear campaign. It is a typical tactic by abusers to weaken their victims and make them less credible.