TheologyOnline LOGO Contest!

Nathon Detroit

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Get ready for the chance of a lifetime! How would you like to be the guy or gal who designed the all-new logo?

Well you might have the chance! We are going to have a logo contest and anyone can enter! All you need to do is create a design for the new logo and email it to (also you may want to shoot me a PM to make sure I got your submission since often times junk-mail filters will flag these types of emails).

Be creative!!!! Your logo design can contain text only, or text with graphics, use your wildest imagination! Submit as many designs as you want!

We recommend that you create a version that says "" and a matching version that says only "TOL". Logos submitted should be in .jpg format but you will get special consideration if they are designed in vector based .eps format (so we can manipulate the logo for various applications).

You can submit as many logo designs as you like but you must understand that by submitting a logo design you are agreeing to give us the rights to use this logo on our websites and on any other products we design and sell. Basically, if we pick your logo it will become ours to do whatever we want with it. Also, we may choose a winning design yet put our own "spin" on the design for a final "finish" (i.e., we may change colors or re-organize the logo to fit our specifications). All logos submitted (even non-winning entries) might be displayed on TOL or used on TOL products, therefore DO NOT SUBMIT A DESIGN if you don't want us using your designs on our website or on our products.

There may be no winners. We may decide that we do not feel that any of the submissions are fitting for the new TOL logo. However, if we do pick a winner the winner will be announced on TOL, and the winner will receive:

- A One Year TOL GOLD Subscription.
- $50 worth of products from the TOL store.
- The honor of being the guy (or gal) who designed the new logo.

We will begin accepting submissions on Monday January 11th 2008. All logo designs MUST be submitted by February 29th 2008. (we will not review any submissions after that point)

If you have any questions regarding this contest please ask them in this thread.

Thank you and good luck!!!


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Are you planning on modifying the website or are you going to keep the same layout and color scheme as you have now?


I'm working on a new ad for TOL.....

"What are the 2 best things from Colorado?

TOL and Coors, the perfect combination for smacking commies and making fun of homos." :cheers:


Maximeee's Husband
Oops, I already sent my first submission.

Sorry Knight, my reading skills aren't what they should be (public school....)