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From the whore of babble on
But good behavior (walking in the Spirit and not the flesh) can prevent us from getting dirtier to begin with, and help us live holy lives.

What I do not understand, are those who claim Christians are pristine, clean, sinless, and not in any need of cleansing.

S0ZO's views seem to contradict your (correct) view that we are all sinners and dirtied from weak deeds of the flesh. From what I can gather, he does not think carnal deeds exist in Christians, and no matter what their behavior, they are not dirtied.

Do you really agree with him? Can you better explain to me, how?

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from Tambora

My flesh body is corruptible and is still bound by the law of death (ie. it's gonna die, and in fact was born as a dying body).

My spirit is in the body of Christ. Christ's body is incorruptible and cannot be condemned for any reason at all. Therefore, my spirit is incapable of ever being condemned.

I have the promise that I will receive an incorruptible body after this corruptible body is done away with.
And nothing this corruptible body does can change that promise.

As far as us trying not to behave badly, we expect that from everyone (whether they are a believer or not).
So we know that an atheist that sometimes behaves in a good manner has zero to do with their salvation. Likewise, a believer that sometimes behaves in a bad manner has zero to do with their salvation.

Christ was not killed, buried, and resurrected so that bad men could try to act a little better (that was always expected of them).
Christ was killed, buried, and resurrected so that dead men could receive eternal life in Him.


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