The earth is flat and we never went to the moon--Part II

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I physically exist in the physical world.
Do you?
You can touch me, taste me, hear me, smell me, see me.
I can't do any of those things.
You can see the results of my actions in the physical.
Yes. I see some words appear on the forum.
You can't see the results of gravity as there is no downward bias in the physical.
Yes, I can. So can you. You describe it as "water flows downhill". That's a "downward bias", if I understand what you mean by it.


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Who, the guys the wrote those articles? Idolater who acquiesced? Me supporting 'emergent' force?

What made you the expert? How did you get this brilliant? Can you prove the point? Can you put it in laymen's language that anybody can get it? If not, then you need to rework the above to more accurately reflect the reality.
I "acquiesced" to a non-Deistic understanding of the World. Why are heavy things heavy things, ultimately? in a non-Deistic Universe? It's because God is pulling on them, and He seems to pull on them toward the center of mass of large objects, that's what Newton said, and that's what Einstein said too, but both men were under the Deistic notion that the World works like a watch that's been wound and it's just mechanically clicking through its motions, rather than that God is actively and directly involved in the operation of His creation.

I "acquiesced" to that.
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