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  • I hope my posts in part 2 don't bother you. I'm learning more everyday and getting better. The thread is doing great.
    You've been great. We don't argue to win over the opposition, we argue for the truth, and the truth will prevail in the end. We also argue to get information out there so others can see it and have a chance to consider it. There are many who like the videos so don't let the ones who don't, for obvious reasons, deter you. They don't make the rules. Do what you do don't let them stop you. Thanks for all your help. --Dave
    Sorry Dave, for posting so much in your thread. They don't like video proof and evidence. I will still post there with whatever data and information I can find but I'll try not to post any videos. Still. nobody can answer the question of a true proven circumnavigation from the top of the ball to the bottom of the ball and coming back up the other side. No jet, rocket, plane, ship, boat or even a nuclear powered submarine. They call it the Arctic "Circle" for a reason. Good luck !!!
    I think I may have a question nobody can answer. Probably not, but nobody here can. Check the last 20 or 30 posts or so.
    Hi Dave! Long time no see,....I miss our awesome philosophical discussions :) - I've followed a little bit on your 'flat earth' thread.....hmmm, I have read some on it, and notice it as a so called 'conspiracy theory' is gaining some momentum. I havent researched it enough, and have had other things on my plate. You can see my lastest posts if u like,....having fun on the ole Unitarian/Trinitarian debate circuit....old schools stuff. Merry Christmas!
    Happy Holidays, Dave!! I trust that all is still going well with you these days. Are you ready for Christmas now? Hope so. I'm all set here. Are you here in Phoenix for the winter? It's even a bit nippy here sometimes. Will be 67 tomorrow. If left a post for you on my Creation vs. Evolution thread. I think it is Post #7038. Have a Very Spectacular Christmas this year!!
    Dear Dave,

    So cool and wonderful to have you back with us. It was really nice having you post on the Creation thread. They sort of put a damper on our conversation though. I think very highly of you, TBH!! I do hope you will try your excellent posting on my thread again. It has toned down a bit right now. I hope you're going to have a nice, warm Christmas this year!! Are you in AZ right now? Just curious. 74 degrees out today. Yippee!!! Will chat with you soon, dude!!
    you know what........ I don't care WHAT it costs me to say this ......... I HATE you and you have no right to be here, on this planet.
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