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ran across this the other day - can't wait to try it :darwinsm:



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For anybody who's ever applied preparations for the control of fungus on your feet and toes and toenails, do your wallet a favor some time and apply just a bit of petroleum jelly ("Vaseline") to the areas that look all dried and cracked and terrible.

idk how it works, I'm guessing it's simply suffocation or something like that, but it works like a charm on my feet. Before treatment, my toes and nails can look like a person who's got something wrong with their feet (fungus), and then next day /morning, they look rejuvenated, and the treatment lasts me a good two weeks or better, and the difference in cost between the special antifungal medicines and petroleum jelly is orders of magnitude.

I am no medical doctor, so don't follow this tip without at least conferring with your doctor, but again, if you think "antifungal medicine" whenever you have cracked /unhealthy looking toenails and skin around your toes, think to give petroleum jelly a whirl.


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I preface this post by saying that in good faith I do not believe it breaks any TOL rules. If it does, then I apologize in advance for my ignorance, but afaik it is within the rules:


I know I know, this is all sorts of evil for me to offer this as a pro life tip, but you're wrong: Smoke.

Don't smoke more than five ( 5 ) cigrits a day though. Because, there is a non-zero chance of contracting a fatal illness if you just don't smoke. And, as you smoke more and more, the chance of you contracting a fatal illness does rise, and quickly.

If you smoke two packs a day, your chances of contracting a fatal illness are more than double your chances if you only smoke one pack a day. And One pack a day is more than double the risk of smoking a half-pack a day.

Smoking 10 cigrits a day statistically significantly increased your chance of contracting a fatal illness, over either smoking five cigrits a day, or over smoking zero cigrits a day.

Because, there is a non-zero chance of contracting a fatal illness if you just don't smoke. That chance of contracting a fatal illness for a complete teetotaler non-smoker, and of a five-cigrit-per-day habit (sometimes called a 'part-time' smoker), is indistinguishable, statistically. And if the cutoff isn't five it's four, or six, but it's in that region, where the chance of contracting a fatal illness for the smoker begins to diverge from the complete non-smoker, who also has a chance of contracting a fatal illness, even though they don't smoke at all.

Five cigrits is a quarter-pack a day.

And now that we've addressed health, why would you want to smoke? Because when you find the right cigrit for you, smoking is nice. There are a very wide variety of different kinds of cigrits readily available, so you do need to do some field research to find the right one, but once you do find it, you will enjoy smoking those five cigrits, and you won't be harming yourself either, statistically.


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We know from the tropes, that in the future, we are going to be greatly impacted by what we've already done in the past, and the past in unchangeable.

In the time travel tropes, whenever we go back in time, we are always cognizant that whatever we do /change in the past can have catastrophic repercussions when we return to the future, and so the lesson from the tropes is to try to change nothing if you go back in time, so you don't change the future.

We are right now "back in time" wrt our future.


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Beyond this point, the taste of lime overwhelms everything, but at this point, the lime neutralizes the ginger taste, and doesn't taste of lime either, and the lime-muted ginger flavor is what Coke is. Take ginger beer, and add lime juice a quarter-teaspoon per 12 ounces at a time, and soon you'll taste Coke. Coke is a formula that replicates this flavor, and you can make it yourself with some ginger beer and lime juice.


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If you believe something, or believe in something, then you need to believe in believing in it too, or else it won't work. You can't for example claim you believe in Catholicism (I'm Catholic) without believing in believing in Catholicism---believe that Catholicism is good to believe in. That good will come from believing in it.

If you do not do this, it is like you are only acting like you're Catholic. Like you're playing a Catholic on TV. But even then you're playing it poorly, because the actor is trying to make himself believe in what his character the Catholic believes in, and they would try to pretend what it's like to believe in Catholicism, and maybe even pretend believe hard enough to discern what the Catholic might actually derive positively from Catholicism.

But if you're Catholic and you don't believe in the belief in Catholicism, then you're at best experiencing only tentative, reserved goodness from your "belief," because if you don't believe in believing in Catholicism, that's just being a skeptic, which is something, but it's not the same as a Catholic who believes in believing in Catholicism.

Substitute whatever your legal theory is, whatever your political theory, whatever your moral theory, whatever your philosophy, for "Catholicism." If you find that you can't really abandon skepticism generally then that's probably indication that your real philosophy is skepticism, and so believe in believing in skepticism; not be skeptical, that's obvious, but more than just being skeptical---believe in being skeptical. Believe that being skeptical is the most advantageous thing to do as a human being, all other things being equal. Don't just run with it but sprint full speed, with no thought for the morrow, you will create more force to continue the sprint, you just must begin sprinting, believing that being skeptical is the Gospel for humankind.