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  • Hi Stuu,.....long time no see :) - I've been pretty busy here....as usual,....was just browsing the main Religion forum for new threads...and saw ya. Hope all is well!
    Dear Stuu,

    How are you DOING!! Good to hear from you. I went to send you a PM and it said that you had reached your quota and couldn't receive anymore. So I copied the whole thing and will PM you when you make some room for it. Best Wishes!
    I'm sure at some point in the past I've been a typical bible basher(according to TOL standards) to you- however over the last year or so my views have... Changed. Would you please send me a link i regards to the thread I recently posted... 'Chemical Desparity...' If you'd rather pm it to me, that's all good. I know threads get balled up with flame wars pretty quickly around here. I tried google, but the amount of info is hard to sort through, and this really is the last bastion of sense I can find that has given me pause with evolution. Thanks bud. If you'd like clarification on what I'm looking for, just let me know. Thanks Stuu.

    Dear Stuu,

    Where ya at?? Can we connect here or something. Your PM box is so full, it won't accept any more PMs. Do you know how to fix it?? What's the prob?

    Hi stuu, you need to go thru and delete some of ur private messages (and sent file)...since u have no space to receive any private messages (i tried). Anyways, wondered if u read my responses on Damian's thread.
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