On the Curious Case of the Anti-Social Social Club

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It seems like only yesterday a few valiant, anti-social stalwarts gathered together in a wreckless act of irony I dubbed the Anti-Social Social Club.

As I put it then: "If you want in, we don't need you. If you're interested in joining, then you're not for us. This is strictly a table for one, paid my dues to keep from paying them, one size fits me and what are you looking at refuge. Now go away."

Of course, this was before blogs around here, so I suppose you could say I was a visionary...or that I at least saw things now and then. Why I remember that very day as though it was September 13th, 2008, when to my surprise people began to join in, leading me to speculate:

:plain: See? This is what comes of fluoridating water..."

It was an unsettling beginning to what would become an avalanche of popular unpopularity. And by avalanche I mean four or five people mostly looking to sell something.

Two days passed, before a deeply disappointed Plastic Buddha wrote, "Go away. You are all sporks in the silverware drawer of life."

And there was the rub, PB having sporked himself.

Things were coming to a gruff head by the 24th, when Rusha and AA tied up, culminating with:

Rusha: I'm telling TH!
AA: He won't listen and he'll be annoyed you tried to talk to him in the first place.
Rusha: Now I am REALLY encouraged! (Rusha skips away singing "I get to annoy TH ... lalalalala!")

It went on like that for days, literally, until I cried out,
Good heavens, what a rude group of malcontents...I'm so proud I could cry...if I cared enough...which I don't....now go away."

By the end of October you could feel things falling apart.
Lucky left us, which led to his immediate nomination for club president.

By November it was nearly over. Free wrote his final entry, "peering into the Void........................."

To which I answered,
":shocked: What? Oh, peering..." And it wasn't really his final entry, though most of us agreed that it probably should have been.

By December PB was gone...a few days later, AMR used a word no one understood and we lost a couple of more members while the rest of us stared at our screens in an impotent and highly satisfied silence.

Psalmist stopped by, but it was like seeing Richard Pryor at a Klan rally. He left, properly discouraged.

A few flare ups over the following years, but nothing serious, which I think suited the group's composition (either). By 2012 I felt inclined to write, "
I'm so proud of how this hasn't worked out."

And it hasn't worked out to this very, very proud day. Or, as I put it in this year's single group entry, "Still a bit crowded, but it's early...and Rome wasn't sacked in a day."

No, no it wasn't. :)



Eclectic Theosophist
Hi AMR,....I just left you a post in the Social Club. As I mentioned in 'The New TOL' thread,....it seems Social Groups are kinda like Ghost Towns,...the ones I'm subbed to anyways,...haven't been active in years! So, I don't know how meaningful these groups are unless they are being 'engaged' or some value is being had by attending members, but such is not as 'interactive' as discussion on the main-board, since you don't know who responds or if anyone posts in a Social Group unless personally notified or you just manually check in to see yourself. But, I guess having a 'social group' is an extra 'bennie' you can play with on TOL, for what its worth :surf: