masks work .. to infect you :(


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It's almost like masks don't have anything to do with anything.
It's almost like that, but it isn't. Masks dehumanize people. Look at the faces coming at you in stores, on the street, etc.... My next door neighbor, whom I've talked to hundreds of times over the last 4 years was in the checkout line in the grocery store just in front of me. He was standing facing me while the cashier rang up his purchases and I didn't even recognize him with his mask on (he never wears one at home). Until his wife, without a mask on, faced me I never knew he was there.

Masks make us breathe all the viruses that live in our system that we are immune to. Meaning they start re-infecting us by re-breathing them because we re-breathe a portion of our own exhalation gases and those viruses and microbes are in our exhalation gases.

The psychological factor of dehumanization is a big factor with children. The don't have the wherewithal to truly understand what is going on so it makes the world around them very different for them. So it warps who they are and the picture of the world around them.

Masks are a large part of the psychological attack on our civilization and our thought patterns. They isolate us from each other, and make us more fearful of each other. They break down trust. And a world without trust is a very scary place for all of us.


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Florida and Sweden are doing better without masks ,
masks are just a "virtue signal"
that infects the wearer with the virus they are trying to prevent

everyone touches their mask ,
but how many touched their faces as often as they touch their mask?
True. Masks just create a David's Star in society so people with a face are marked.

way 2 go

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mask work to infect you , the cloth mask nebulize the the saliva covid mix on
the mask and make the covid virus airborne

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