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Do you really think that Phil Robertson is afraid of homosexuals?

Atheist hate it when Christians refer to them as "God Haters" because "We can't hate something that doesn't exist" they say. So stating that an atheist is a God hater just because they identify themselves as an atheist is like referring to someone as a "homophobe" because they believe that homosexuality is a sin and as a result creates a separation between them and God.

Christians want people to draw nearer to God and that often means identifying obstacles to that process. If warning people that they are engaging in a lifestyle that is destructive and harmful to themselves and those around them (be it someone who is a thief, liar, drunkard, glutton, homosexual, adulterer, etc...) is likened as being fearful is ridiculous.

People don't want to be told that what they are doing is wrong or that they shouldn't engage in certain activities. People want to do whatever they want without judgement regardless of what they are doing.

Maybe people are trying to live a lifestyle beyond what they can afford. The entitlement mentality is real and damaging. People think they deserve or that it's their right to have certain things just because other people have them. As a result, they believe that they should be paid more so that they can get more things.

When I graduated college I lived in a crappy apartment and my weekly grocery budget was only $15.00. I had envelopes for food, laundry, etc...When I cashed my check I would deposit everything except that which went into the envelopes. I didn't allow myself to spend beyond the envelopes because I couldn't. $15.00 a week was enough for me to eat quite well because I didn't believe that I deserved to go out to eat or that I should be able to buy the types of food that others were eating. As I began paying off student loan debt and my car debt I was able to save more and eat better. The more I worked the more I made and the more I got to save and eat.

Maybe the better thing to do would be to tell your neighbor to be a better steward of their resources.

Because I fear that a relative who is a drunkard is going to hell doesn't mean that I fear my relative. I would not be a "drunkophobe". However I love them enough to tell them that their lifestyle is harmful.


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I made a Post of the Day out of the middle one. It is just priceless!