Income Taxation - Just or Unjust? (Alternatives?)

Is a personal increase tax a just form of funding for the government?

  • Yes

  • No: Explain in thread post.

  • I don't know

  • Other: Explain in thread post.

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Okay, so let's just call it "income" instead of "increase" so other people reading this thread will know what in the world we're talking about.
Not to be too pedantic about it but, would your financial advisor ask you what your yearly increase is, or would he ask you what your yearly income is?

Which one?

Okay, I'm done having fun getting this pet peeve off my chest.

Carry on.


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Groceries aren’t taxed in California. Things like alcohol
and prepared meals
If you had said "super yachts" that's not regressive.
, but not regular groceries or baby formula.
California is one of the most paternalistic states in the nation. Does CA also tax gas? Regressive. Tobacco? Regressive. This is naked paternalism.