Hooray For Pedophilia!

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Just when they started to shower, WILL said, the transgender student fully undressed and entered the shower next to one of the girls. The student was initially facing the wall but then turned toward the four girls, exposing his male genitalia to all four freshmen.

And now we come back to that pesky question of consent. Did the four 14-year-old girls consent to be molested by this pervert?



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A former Oregon elementary school teacher and mentor of an 11-year-old drag queen was sentenced to 11 months in jail after being convicted of nearly a dozen felony child abuse crimes.

Kelsey Meta Boren, 31, pleaded guilty to 11 counts of encouraging child sexual abuse in the first degree last month after she was busted for uploading child porn online, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office said.


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There's that pesky age of consent again!

Dutch government expands euthanasia access to children of all ages​

Elon Musk blasted the move, saying 'there's a reason why we have age of consent'​

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This is what we've been warning about for years, decades even.

Tear down the wall against adultery, and the next wall is "no sex outside of marriage,"

Tear down that wall, and the next wall is "no sex between two men or two women."

Tear down that wall, the next wall is "no sex with children." You are here.

The next wall to be torn down will be "no sex with animals."

And then, when they tear that wall down, the next one will be "no sex with the dead."

And because their lusts cannot be satiated with even that, they will promote murder, as more bodies to satisfy their flesh, and because they are lovers of death.

Dark times are indeed ahead.

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Let's use government funding to teach children how to masturbate!

The group is targeted at kids and young adults aged 14-21, though it welcomes 12 and 13 year-olds every fourth Wednesday, according to its website.