Homeschooled and proud of it!


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You sould learn to think for yourself BEFORE you get to places where you could be attacked for it. I am currently homeschooled, have been all my life, and I love it. My parents are doing a great job teaching me to defent what I believe. I acually get on this website as an assignment for the Worldview class that I am currently in, taught by my dad. I think homeschooling is a GREAT way to get a head start on the world, while having more fun than anyone else in the world (thats just an opinion, I just can't imagine anyone having more fun than I do:))
It just has to be done thew right way. Homeschooling Rocks!!!!

God's peace to all of you.


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I'm graduating high school at the end of this month... I've been homeschooled all the way through and wouldn't have it any other way! Thanks mom and dad for caring enough about me to keep me away from the Godless public schools.
:BRAVO: Wahoo! Congratulations!