Ellen Page Announces: "I Am Insane!"


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I don't believe that you know the status of Page's privates either, so why are you commenting?

Then why are you commenting?

Hermaphroditism has nothing to do with this.

Ellen Page (she's not a man) is a woman who is mentally ill, disillusioned because of her commitment to leftist ideals.

No, we do not have to, and should not, cater to insanity.

SHE (because Ellen Page is a woman, not a man) has become mentally ill to the point where she has convinced herself that she is not what she is.

Denying reality leads to insanity. Ellen page has become mentally insane.

Don't defend such.

You're going to trust the mentally ill?

Are you stupid?

It's not unethical.

It's mentally insane to think that one can "choose" one's own gender.

Sex is determined at conception.

One is either a boy or a girl.

If someone is born hermaphroditic (46 XX, 46 XY, gonadal H.), that doesn't change the fact that they are either boy or girl, regardless of what genitalia their bodies develop. The resulting features of their bodies comes as a result of a genetic issue, where their bodies do not produce the correct hormones.

As for hermaphrodites with an extra X or Y chromosome, I'm not sure whether it's possible to tell which gender they truly are, and unfortunately, there is a possibility that they may be male, but live their entire lives as female, or the reverse, and I don't think God will be angry at someone living in such a way due to such a genetic error.


Hermaphroditism has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the homosexual movement. It is simply the result of genetic error.

Homosexuality, on the other hand, is evil, as per God's word, because God said He made them male and female at the beginning of creation. Perverts pervert that truth, and try to claim that one can choose their gender. Such is the topic of this thread. Not hermaphroditism.

Ellen Page, because that's her real name, not "Elliot," is a pervert, corrupted by the wicked into thinking that she can choose her gender, and deceived (either by her circumstances, or by her own mind) into "realizing" that she is actually a male, rather than a female.

The points I made stand, unchallenged in this thread as of yet.


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IMHO Page belongs in the nuthouse. This is mental illness. The society is ill enabling people in this stuff.

If I went to the doctor asking him to amputate my thumb because I didn't want it anymore, I would be turned down. Having perfectly good sex organs removed is the same thing.

Transgenderism is a mental disease.