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Maricopa County Chairman Transferred to Undisclosed Location After Death Threats

top Maricopa County election official has been moved to an undisclosed location over safety concerns following the midterm elections. Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates confirmed on Sunday that he was transferred and provided a security detail after workers at the Arizona county elections office faced months of escalating death threats that made it increasingly difficult to do their job. Gates, a Republican, has faced particular backlash as a vocal critic of false election claims spurred by Trump’s election denialism in 2020.
Beyond pathetic.


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You ever wrote to these guys and asked them to tone down the cussing a bit?
You're going to find this hard to believe but one of my favorite political commentators that I listen to, literally every day, is a Satanist who often cusses a blue streak on his show. YouTuber Styxhexenhammer666.