Don't feed the trolls ...


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... but do, work on your form. How you are on social media is your form. Trolls are great for practicing and honing and experimenting with your form.

It's a rhetorical form, you draw from all the classical education trivium, including the grammar and the logic, but your social media form is rhetorical primarily. (In the trivium, your rhetoric always draws from your grammar and logic, naked or empty rhetoric is not taught in the trivium, just to answer somebody's question in advance.)

Trolls just love attention, so this is actually a symbiotic relationship.

There is no limit to how you can treat a troll; and they've earned it. It's a fantastic materialization of justice when you can Use them; for good.

Don't feed the trolls, but do work on your form, by exploiting Trolls.


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I explained all of that in the OP.

To each their own. Perhaps I am missing these exploitations because I put trolls on ignore unless I have reason to believe they are capable of becoming a decent human being.

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Same here. On all the other forums I've been on, I've never put a single person on ignore.
There are plenty of people here and elsewhere that I don't bother to read, I don't even know how to put people on ignore after the changes.

Let me correct that - when I was deliberately trolling the hardcore feminist group on Facebook there were many people that I put on their version of ignore.


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Just a general note of explanation for everyone: this is not a 'call-out' thread.

People are acting like it's a call-out thread.


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Or … one could refuse to converse with those who are, by their own choice, unworthy of recognition.
It's not that. It's just that I only have so much time for Statler and Waldorf wannabes. At some point it's just a running gag, but it's not even funny, it just keeps going, endlessly.

Like they think they're Statler and Waldorf, except Statler and Waldorf were actually funny, but trolls aren't. So it's definitely worth it if you can just tune out Statler and Waldorf, but leave in everybody else. The ignore feature is great for that.

So I just put them on ignore. They won; but I put them on ignore. Like that's their prize. Hooray for them.