Conversation with Knight about losing faith

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ok doser

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Not to you because your leader got away with provoking. He jabs and you kick. Quite the team.

meh :idunno: it was just as spazzy when it was rusha and zoo and anna and granite all piling on as well - no substance to their objections just pure outrage and emotion

town was a master at coordinating the outraged attack on those who opposed him


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Yes GD. Town was solely responsible for Stripe getting banned just as anyone who's ever reported me has been responsible for my own infractions. :madmad:

However will Stripe recover from such an outrage?!


Get rid of the drama will ya?

You're provoking me right now. I have a right to express my opinion whether you like it or not.

Just shut your pie hole, Artie. :banana:

Arthur Brain

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Guess you don't know the meaning of the word "flaming".

Oh, sure, but why would you use such a silly term in regards to a heterosexual and happily married family man? I guess anyone with a fringe (real hair or not) must count as "flaming" if they don't agree with you eh?

Go quote some more scripture to justify your righteous ire there GD...(maybe I left a vowel out?)
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