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today we are having tasty bite vegetable tikka masala with basmati rice
I do rice in the microwave
3 water to two rice
salt and olive oil
on high til boil
6 minutes at 20% power
let stand for 10 to 20 minutes
perfect rice every time

That sounds like a really good lunch. I don't know how to do less power on my microwave, because every time I look it up I forget for the next time and I'm tired of looking it up. Anyway, I just cook my rice the old-fashioned way.

I had Greek yogurt and blueberries for breakfast. Summer means yogurt, winter means oatmeal.

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You really only retain the pleasant? I couldn't hold a good grudge if I did that.
Mostly. The rest just doesn't stick. But then, I've had a pretty insulated context. Even the genuine hardships came long after that sort of formation and the negatives within it were always overwhelmed by something positive.

People have to be routinely unpleasant to sustain anything like a negative feeling with me. And apparently, past a point, even that turns into a bit of whimsy. Take Sod by way of. He's been at it so long it's like watching Kramer enter an apartment. That sort of thing.

That's something to think about really - that people may see our words very differently than how we see them - or that what we see isn't what they see.
And fashion from completely different context impacting foundations. It's a wonder any of us every understand half of what's said to us...assuming. :noid:


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Really. I think, outside of threads closed permanently now, that really only happened in a couple of others. Mostly in Quixote's and before it Observations. And for the same reason, which had to do with a sort of trolling that wasn't in keeping with the spirit of the joint and really should have seen a couple of folks on the ban bench, but I didn't try to have them put there, just cut off their bar tab for a bit. And more recently I close A Momentary Life to keep sod from using it as an insult and rant receptacle while I was off for a few weeks.

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let's see
you are worried about your view to reply ratio
No. I can always factor out the trolls and their post impact when I look at that. Curious fact, when the usual trolling suspects aren't active the eyes on actually goes up. The largest monthly on Quixote's, by way of, was a little over five thousand against a dozen or so Wraps and no side bars.

you don't want your viewers to have to scroll
That's largely it, so I take it back. You're wrong about frequency but right about why.

I can credit that. . . speaking of which, I still give you propers for indirectly starting the Cub Reporters thread and making me mindful of my own method of approach. That was a real good. Not sure if the thread has led to that sort of change in anyone else, but reports did seem to go down after a year of it, except with a few people who use reporting like most people use Twitter. :plain:


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one time I did lock one of my threads and town was the only one to have a fit
he will deny this
yes that plus many of my other threads have been deleted
have you checked to see how few I have left?


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I think my number two covers that

Nope ... I have no doubt that he wouldn't mind a few responses made IF they weren't done for the sole purpose of trolling. Look around ... TH is the most trolled upon and stalked poster to ever participate in TOL. So one of two things ... TH is just THAT fascinating ... or there is an epidemic of petty following him from thread to post to profile to personal conversations.


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I really do not know what tol is like right now
don't spend that much time here
I suspect it is different
what say you?