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you might remind her and your friends how you feel about trump
There's something bizarre in the way you keep going back to a thing that never was a mystery as though it had been and you solved it... :plain:

From your last then.
-you are not the only one who has to be careful
-are you talking about town?
-many of his friends support trump
Do they? Okay. Some of my friends around here are atheists...Catholics....right wingers, left wingers. So as distinctions go, that's not exactly at the top of the list. :nono:

-that explains the nuance
-it was always there
Found an example of just how nuanced:

trump turpitude
-remember you heard it here first
-you have to give town an assist on this
Well, we may differ on a great deal, but not on the notion of this fellow as the leader of the free world.

Anyway, I think he'd be a horrible choice. . . too subtle?

-deniability is important for some
-it is not easy pleasing so many
I think the wood-burning you've done on that chip you carry around is remarkable. :plain:


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-it is almost noon on the right coast

-so what is for lunch?

-salad from whole foods

-how was the walk?

-I look forward to it the night before

-how often do you do it?

-the plan is mon, wed, and fri

-sounds like a good plan


What is it with people who treat any support of Trump as reprobates?

They apparently aren't aware that the Presidency is neither a throne or a religious pontiff.

American government is supposed to simply be a tool. A device- to take care of practical issues.

Americans need to take some accountability- half of what you don't like, which exists now, is due to yourself and others like you having took no action when it was necessary.

So now you sit there like a sad dog begging for a rightful master.
What America was supposed to be, and what it is, is an unfortunate thing to acknowledge.


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-so when are you going to change your avatar?


-you think he still has a chance?


-so why not now?

-I am not an idiot


-I am not now, never have been, and will never be a supporter of trump

-because he is a jerk?

-you got that right


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-it is almost noon on the right coast

-so what is for lunch?

-hamburger steak on the grill with bush's country style baked beans

-are they republican?

-most likely

-are you already fasting?

-I've got the time

-isn't it a little early

-if you are going to drink all day, you have to start first thing in the morning


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trump is a jerk
-why can't you see that?

When asking that question ... consider what Trump represents. Open marriage/affairs/adultery, violence and bullying. Apparently those qualities are seen as the type of family values that should be endorsed.