Bill Gates - making billions off of diseases he helped create


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Gates made dire predictions about impending virus pandemics during the years leading up to the covid outbreak from the Wuhan lab Gates was heavily invested in.


Gates has been ringing the alarm about major outbreaks of disease for years.

In a 2015 TED Talk, Gates said the world was "not ready for the next epidemic," and viruses posed the "greatest risk of global catastrophe" compared to other threats to the world.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Gates warned then-President Donald Trump in December 2016 about the dangers of a pandemic.

In a 2018 discussion about epidemics hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine, Gates cautioned that a deadly pandemic could happen within the next decade. He said there could be a flu-like disease that could kill 30 million people in six months.

Gates also gave an interview to Politico this week, where the computer entrepreneur outlined how he imagined to prevent the next pandemic.

"We need to fund global surveillance to see the next pathogen early. We need to fund the R&D for better diagnostics [and] therapeutics," Gates said. "Given the deaths, the economic damage, and all sorts of other negative things that came out of this pandemic, the cost to fund the new tools … is almost nothing."

Why is Gates smiling while talking about millions of deaths from diseases that need government help to combat? His smiles likely reflect the fact that he is making billions from government spending for research Gates is invested in and through government spending for vaccines Gates is invested in.