Battle Royale XIV discussion thread

Nathon Detroit

It's been a full seven years since the last Battle Royale on TOL. Well.... good news folks because Battle Royale XIV is heading your way and it's going to a fun one.


What: Is the King James Bible the Only Inspired Scripture on Earth Today? Battle Royale XIV

Who: This King James Only debate will be moderated by’s webmaster, through his TOL screen name Knight, who can be contacted at Will Kinney has informed us that he will defend the proposition that the King James Bible is the only inspired Scripture on Earth today. Pastor Bob Enyart and Will Duffy of Denver Bible Church have informed us that they will oppose the proposition.

Where: The debate will take place in the Coliseum at (TOL), the popular online Christian forum, in the Battle Royale Center Ring. The moderator, TOL’s webmaster Knight, and the opponents will participate over the web. Spectators can likewise observe the debate and comment in The Grandstands there within the Coliseum.

When: The debate will begin on Monday, November 2, 2015 at noon Mountain Time. TOL’s webmaster Knight will open the debate and both sides will simultaneously post their opening statements.

KJO Debate Guidelines

Honor: Both sides commit to honor God through their demeanor, to “argue hard and love much.”

Clarity: Both sides will attempt to achieve clarity and avoid obfuscation.

Responsiveness: Each side will make an effort to be responsive to the other, to interact, and to answer relevant questions forthrightly, which also ensures that the participants actually debate one another and not simply post material written for other purposes, especially if that material is not specifically responsive.

KJO Debate Rules

Question Numbering: To help focus the opponent on the topic(s) of a particular post, and to enable readers to follow the debate more easily, participants will sequentially number their questions using TOL’s Battle Royale convention of initials, a Q for question, an A for answer, and then the question number. Bob Enyart and Will Duffy will identify their questions with BWQ1, BWQ2; Will Kinney will identify his questions with WKQ1, WKQ2, etc. To reply, mark any answer with BWA-WKQ1 (Bob & Will answer Will Kinney’s first question), WKA-BWQ3 (Will Kinney answer’s Bob & Will’s third question), etc. Prior to presenting the answer, first quote in full the question that was asked, and then present one's answer. After reading a post, without such a convention, it may be unclear to the audience and even to the opponent exactly what is being asked. So this also saves participants time in evaluating an opponent’s post. And it discourages unresponsive replies that focus for example on rhetorical questions or incidental details while ignoring the primary challenges. Of course there can be valid reasons why an opponent may refuse to answer a given question.

Posting: The debate will consist of five rounds of a maximum of 6,000 words per post. Both first round posts will appear online simultaneously at noon on November 2nd. For each of the next four rounds, the proponent, Will Kinney, must post within 48 hours of the previous post, and the opponents, Bob Enyart and Will Duffy, must post within 48 hours of Will Kinney’s post. The official Battle Royale XIV clock will be set by Knight and will show the countdown on TOL. Graphics are permitted but links will not be permitted except at the end of each side’s final post.

All participants in the debate have agreed to the rules and are preparing their opening round posts as we speak.

In this thread feel free to discuss the battle and how you think it might go as well as comment on the battle posts as the participants make them.


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So.... thoughts???

I think this should be interesting.
It's never a good thing to argue that all scripture was given by inspiration of God, but not "is given by inspiration of God,...". And that is the case of the Bible user versus the Bible believer.

We either take God at His word believing every word, or we don't. May we always side with the Holy Bible over any Bible corrector.

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