Are your kids being shown pornographic images in school by teachers?

The Phoenix

That is a real problem in America. Various schools in various locations have sex education curriculum that includes things like pornographic images, graphic depictions of sex, and how to perform sex safely, among other bad instruction. Corrupted, perverted, or immoral teachers are likely unaware of the harm they are causing children by this sort of thing. Sadly, many schools take steps to hide the truth about the sex education curricula from parents. None of these facts about sex education in American schools are good.

“One of the books on the list that FLCA submitted in 2019 has a drawing of a naked woman bent over forward holding a hand-held mirror to examine her genitalia,” Bumbu explained, calling the first time he saw the image “a jaw-dropping experience.”
“BCPS admitted in 2019 to having this book in some of their schools, including an elementary school,” Bumbu added. “If you can’t be shown these images on your evening news, they should not be shown to your kid in school.”
The image described by Bumbu is in a book titled “It’s Perfectly Normal,” recommended on Amazon for children “10 and up” in grades 5 to 8. Another image in the book depicts a man and a woman engaged in sexual intercourse.

How long must good people put up with the Satanic American Left?

All these horrible people are all democrats.