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The Anti-Christ will appear on 11 October 2022 in Damascus.
Oh yeah? At their public library, for Family Storytime? Thanks for the heads-up!


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I called him an enemy of the Church and he blocked me lol. Nerd.

It was weird that White acknowledged there was a time before God ordained everything and that God was planning what to do. That would indicate there was a time when the future was indeed open. That's an astonishing admission.
He's a nerd.
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TOL Hall of Fame inductees from 10 years ago:

Every year we induct 5 members into the TOL Members Hall of Fame. These members have made a long term impact on TheologyOnline in a variety of ways. Love them or hate them TOL wouldn't be the same without them.

This years inductees are....

Angel4Truth has amassed over 17,000 posts in just a couple years and the quality of these posts sends her into the Hall of Fame.

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Rest in peace Angel.

An old-school TOLer, Tambora has been a valued member on TOL since 2004.

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Hi @Tambora !

john w
The most humble TOLer of all-time john w has had his share of run-ins with the "law". Be that as it may john w adds to the flavor of TOL in a very interesting way.

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SaulToPaul is a tireless defender of the dispensation of grace and is also the King of the "selfies". ;)

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Haven't seen em.

Nick M
Nick M has been a staunch supporter of TOL for a very long time and was one of the very first LIFETIME Members. Regardless of if you agree with him or not it's tough not to respect his passion.

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We saw @Nick M just recently!

Not too bad!