And Now For A Nice Thread About All Things Pleasant...


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I feel the need for speed.

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Hell: sharing a neighborhood with Koban/Sod/Resurrected for all of eternity.
You should put the poor fellow on ignore. The only time I see him struggling for attention these days is reflected in someone else's post. It continues to be one of my best moves in some time.


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Looking towards the Isle of Skye from the beach at Applecross in Scotland. I went there once back in 2006 - a beautiful area very much in the middle of nowhere. I'd love to go back again.


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see what I mean lmohm?

she's demon-led, just like all those who reject Jesus

Hey, this is a light hearted thread where things sorta nice, pleasant and good natured ribbing can go on. You don't count on any of those scores so please don't troll and spam it up with your own poxy projected bile. It seems most people are sick of hearing it anyway. Go and infest your good buddy aCW's thread with it.

Thanks in advance and hope you're not back around anytime soon cos that would be nice and pleasant.