7 Years Until the End !

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IT IS 2005

Only 7 years left till the year 2012 AD.

Are you ready to meet your MAKER ????????????

1977 = Wow Signal + 5 Sets of 7 Years = 2012
(12210 Days = 12/2/1982 to 5/7/2016)

5/7/2016 + 5 Sets of 7 = 6/18/2016 (Three Days of Darkness)

(The Antichrist has no biological father, the current position is the result of years of invested, acts of "Suicide by Antichrist", as a challenge to the Gospel's Program to afford equal Potential ............. there is no need at this level to investigate any of the Antichrist's claims about the end of the earth, fire and brimstone, or great floods) Love and Blessings.
Not open for further replies.