7 Years Until the End !

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QUOTE: it is Not for the 12 APOSTLES to know the Day or Hour but says nothing about the Year, Decade or Month.

Jesus says that it is Not for the 12 APOSTLES to know the Times and Seasons but Not US.

Strefanash. Come now!! This is a clear case of what Jesus said to the apostles he said to the church for the apostles were the nucleus of the church.

AS for ST Paul's "I would not have to ignorant of times and seasons" this does not justify date setting either. All it is saying is that we should know the ORDER of events at the end time so as not to be caught out when they happen.

"He said nothing about the year or month" is a specious piece of barrack room lawyering designed to openly defy the Master's clear teaching on this matter.


And why?

Luke 12:39. look it up. if we know the time so does Satan, the master of the house, who will then stop the thief who is coming from breaking in.

Set dates and you blaspheme the Name of God and cause others to do so when the date setting fails, as it always does


Besides nothing has happened as regards end time prophecy in the 7 years set by the OP from 2005 till now.

The antichrist has not signed a peace treaty with Israel, he has not been revealed by declaring himself god, and we have not been mass persecuted to the point of near extinction.

If the antichrist were here and revealed would he allow online forums like this??

Surely Knight and all the others who post here would have been rounded up and executed. Myself included.

those who set dates because we should not be ignorant of times and seasons themselves show they are ignorant of these times and seasons


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With today's technology, fascination with romance between humans and non-humans, and the satanic rituals of the Grammys, I can see the end in the not too distant future.


ok doser

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IT IS 2005

Only 7 years left till the year 2012 AD.

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