7-19-12 -Kett's DPOTD--Horn's Epic Dribble


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I've debated with myself as whether I should award this post DPOTD as it cuts close to trolling. I decided will will recognize it for its sheer stupidity was well.

Jews who are left-handed and have green eyes are evil perverts who are a threat to America and the whole world ! All of them must be arrested immediately and executed !
I'm a left-handed Jew with green eyes ! You've got to arrest me and execute me immediately ! The future of the world is at stake and all our freedoms ! Left-handed green-eyed Jews are perverts who hang around at public schools trying to recruit children into being left-handed green-eyed Jews !
These evil perverts are all monstrous child molesters !
They live shortened lives because of their perverted lifestyles !
They spread disease and perversion . The movement for left-handed green-eyed Jews is a threat to our freedom ! They want to have any one who speaks out against left-handed green eyed Jews silenced and arrested for not being politically correct !
But there is hope ! Left-handed, green -eyed Jews cna be cured of their monstorus perversion. They can wear contact lenses to change their eye color , can convert to evangelical Christianity and learn how to use their right hands to write ! Please help them see the light and see the error of their ways !

The stupidity lies in equating inherited physical traits with a behavior.

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