2nd Annual TOL-a-THON (2008)


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We've finally raised enough money to get some decent talent. Please put your hands together and lets welcome Mordechai Ben David. :BRAVO:

Mordechai Ben David


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Oh boy, this is fun

Oh boy, this is fun

Real Sorcerer and freelight just bought yearly subscriptions. Thanks guys!!! :up:

Jew betcha :patrol:

Its really quite a deal.

I recall someone shared recently how many enlisted members are actually 'subscribers' (% wise) of the total members. Not sure where this info. is,...but if anyone can share something on that here, thanks in advance.


Nathon Detroit

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Come on people... we need to get the TOL-a-THON rolling today! And remember even small amounts will help us reach our goal. Lets get to 40% today shall we??? Who's is going to step up to the plate?

Nathon Detroit

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Dear TOLers... we have a lot of money still to raise. Please, if you haven't given yet, please consider giving and helping us raise this money. The bill for the yearly hosting will need to be paid with they upgrade of our server so there is no turning back now. So I really need your help.

The cool thing is....

We will have much better performance on the new server AND it will allow me to create the "all-new" TOL which is gonna have some really rockin' features. :up:


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No. It closed down and turned into a bar. I got in a fight there one night and ended up in jail with an assault charge. :eek:

I don't know what is there now.
I hate it when they turn pizza joints into gay bars.