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  • Learning this website can be a bit tricky at first. Don't be discouraged. :) Inzl is one of the mods. I contacted her and as she has already informed you, she moved your thread from the Newbie forum into ECT which is a subforum of the Religion Forum. I hope you don't feel I was butting in. It seemed like a good thread that needed attention it wouldn't get in the Newbie section.
    To go to new notifications, you can just click on profile page and that will take you here. Then, if you want to re-visit private message, at the top right you will see your welcome, when you last visited and the last line is Private Messages. Just click on it and there you go! :)
    i can never pull up user notifications unless a new one just happened. like now. will try clicking on user cp again. i will clik on view conversation.
    hi myst,...not sure what u mean. When I respond to your response by hitting the 'View Conversation' link....my response is typed on our own dialogue page, then it goes to your profile page. You would then hit 'view conversation' on your profile page, then respond....and your response would go to my profile page, this way we know the other person responded, since it will show up on our profile page.
    Welcome to TOL, and Namaste :) - fellow 'mystic' if you mean in the spiritual sense universally, but we can explore that later ;)
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