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  • I cannot express my loss of hope. You know of what I speak, I am sure. God bless you for your faithful witness to TRUTH.
    Ever heard of;

    A) Darby's Rangers?
    B) Darby O'Gill?
    C) Kim Darby?
    D) Throw another shrimp on the Darby?
    E) The Kentucky Darby?
    F) The Brown Darby?
    G) Darby a fox among the Hens?
    H) Darby another bus along any minute?
    I) Darby a knock at your door any time now?
    J) Darby another time and another place?
    K) Darby a pizza delivered pipping hot?
    L) Darby a total eclipse of the Moon tonight?
    M) Darby another roll of paper towels in the closet?
    N) Darby striking up the band in a half an hour?
    O) Darby a hot time in the old town tonight?
    P) Darby three cows and four horses?
    Q) Darby someone waiting fer ya?
    R) Darby a check in the mail?
    S) Darby a strange light in the castle?
    T) Darby barely enough time to eat supper?
    U) Darby a falling star?
    V) Darby a rainbow after the storm?
    W)Darby time to do that in the morning?
    X) Darby a funny look in his eye?
    Y) Darby coming around the mountain soon?
    Z) Darby no reason why TeT is so obsessed with "Darby?"
    I don't think all the Law and Prophets have been fulfilled in Yeshua because all is not completely done, but I really agree with you in regard to the denial of the New Covenant. Don'tcha just love the way Heir closed the thread? LOL Is that the online equivalent of this?
    Heya, I think I will go ahead and make the post about that scripture mentioned in the previous message. I have a few other scriptures to add to it. Will make it later today after errands.

    Bless you.
    Hello, tetelestai.

    I have not been able to be around much lately, and probably won't throughout this coming week either. I will more than likely stop in a to see what you think of the following though.

    I came by to give you a scripture that may help (?) in that thread we have been participating in titled something like: the world must know this is a MAD board/forum.

    It is Luke 2:32, and this was said when Jesus was a baby. When He was taken to the temple. A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.

    This was the "first" time that it was spoken that Jesus was going to be for the gentiles too.

    You were probably already aware of this verse, but on the off chance you weren't... here it is. :)

    Bless you.
    Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ! :)

    I wanted to thank you for you have taught me something... a couple things actually and I am very appreciative. You taught me why the MAD dispies are the way they are and more importantly, to me, about the House of Israel. I knew that I was missing something on this and couldn't put my finger on it. You guided my finger to it.

    This thank you is late in coming, but I wanted to thank you.

    Thank you, tetelestai!
    Hi Tet! Just want to encourage you to
    continue striving towards; posting
    something of value someday! I've
    placed the bar low enough so that
    an amoeba could easily crawl under
    it! That way, you'll have a fair shot
    at it! I'm hoping the best for ya!
    Your pal, GM
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