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  • I didn't mean to. I've given other friends negs, too.
    My internet is slow and my page jumps around.
    Sometimes I click just as it jumps and I don't realize that I have clicked a neg.
    Actually, I suspected that I might have given you one but there was no way to go back and check.

    Sorry! I've never purposefully given any of my friends a neg.

    I'll make it up to ya'!
    Hope you are doing OK too.
    Hope you still get lots of work, but that it all goes smoothly with no bumps.
    Wish this country had a few million more like you, brother.

    I'm doing OK. My arm has scarred up, but it doesn't hurt anymore. When all the scarring peels off, half my arm is going to be whiter that the rest!
    White Power! :chuckle:

    The whether is still blistering hot. So you better be sure and have plenty of liquid to drink while you work.
    I've been drinking twice as much ice tea than usual. Keeps me hydrated, but have to pee-pee more than usual too!
    But that's OK. Just reminds me that I don't have to use an outhouse anymore. Just goes to show that things could always be worse.

    Love ya, brother!
    They are predicting 105 degrees for today and tomorrow.

    I took a bag of trash out to the trash can by the curb. I twisted by ankle and fell, and my upper body landed on the sidewalk.
    In the short time it took for my neighbor to walk over and help me up, one side of my arm was scalded from the hot concrete sidewalk.
    I've been keeping a cold patch on it, and talking lots of Aleve to ease the pain.

    My son and daughter-in-law put a couple slices of bacon in a skillet and set it on the concrete to see if it would cook it.
    It did!

    A neighbor down the street has one of those small above ground swimming pools (15 ft. across and 4 foot deep). They claim the water is too uncomfortably warm to even swim in! So they can't even use it to cool off in!

    Glad you came in for for a rest and cool down. Probably need to take more of those kind of breaks for now while the weather is so hot.
    Take care, brother.
    I see you lurking about.
    just stopped by to wave at you. haven't seen you in a bit. hope all is well, brother :wave2:
    I'll say I'm not going to worry.

    Whew! For a moment there I thought you meant Moos left the site.
    It is very hot. I demand that you take care of yourself!!!
    Get the rest when you can, and dream of retirement.

    Is "Moos" Musty? He left? What did I miss?
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