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  • You will, have to apologize to me, if you want all this trouble to stop. I think you should just let it go, or you will be not paid any serious mind by anyone. You need to think for yourself and do what will be best for you. Fighting with me is not being a good man, or Christian. Sure, I was mad at others, not you, but you stepped in where you did not belong. Then you tried to be the big tough guy, which never works with me!

    Sorry I teased you more than what was called for.
    Well, alright, you got to me, yes, I will forgive you and not let you go red. I am a good Christian and your sincere humility has me taken with the possibility you were just not aware you did tread where you should not, I will call it off, since you have apologized, I hope you have it straight now?
    You silly obese goofball, are you lost? Do you love my attention? What do you really what from me, sweetie?
    I know the feeling. With me it's just old age. Well, that and my dog keeps whining at the door to get the racoons. :)
    LOL I think we're posting over each other. It's like talking with a delay and GM is the commentator.
    Well, thank you! :) There are lots of good, nice people here at TOL. Sometimes when there are doctrinal differences, things get a bit crazy but we just have to remember the One that we all have in common and His command to love each other as He first loved us.
    You told me not to tell anyone that you were kind so I told you not to hide it. Thatsa what I meant! Sometimes communication is tough this way. Don't fret, I meant good by it. There aren't enough kind people in the world.
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